I’ve been seeing the idea of mirror images as a way to express ideas and stories for years now. Like a song stuck in my head it just comes back to me over and over. A series started emerging in my mind long before it was completed in physical form. You may notice in these images that many aren’t actually perfect mirror images, this was important to me, because perfect isn’t something I relate to. Within these collages each piece has a specific story or feeling that I wanted to visually express for myself…however your interpretation of them is totally your own. All of the images were specifically chosen as images that most people will have some reaction to, good, bad and everything in between…but I hope you feel something. The combinations are purposely structured for you to be able to create your own story, your own sense of what it means to you. These pieces are a nod to Rorschach Ink Blot tests – there is no right or wrong. There is a truly unsettling feeling about seeing artwork and feeling like you don’t “get it”, it’s lonely, makes us feel inadequate, and really just isn’t any fun. Let me be the first to tell you that these pieces, you DO “get”. You’re allowed to feel any way you want about them, to build ANY story in your mind…no matter what, you’re already right.